About Us

Coffee Intelligence is an online publication with a simple mission: To dedicate high-quality journalism to the most important topics in the coffee sector. Our coverage includes emerging market trends, challenges at origin, technological innovation, and human interest stories. We feature a range of perspectives and experiences to cater to our global audience, with the aim of presenting a comprehensive view of issues.

We also give voice to those who may otherwise struggle to find a platform, presenting their concerns and opinions to those who can make a difference. As well as relying on the latest data and market research, our team of columnists offer expert analysis to help readers unravel some of the most complicated subjects of today.


Coffee Intelligence is guided by several key values:


Presenting facts clearly and precisely is at the heart of what we do. All our articles are based on the latest research and market data, which we meticulously analyse to ensure it meets standards. This is fundamental not only to advancing the coffee sector, but also to retaining our reputation as a leading industry voice and platform for others. 


As a publication, we have no specific agenda. Our role is to publish information on the most relevant topics in a way that can be understood. We never fall heavily on one side or the other of any debate; instead, we present the full spectrum of arguments and allow our readers to draw their own conclusions based on the facts.


A consistent approach to the most challenging issues in today’s coffee sector is essential. We achieve this through our commitment to quality, whether in regards to content, design, or social media presence.