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Oatly goes organic: Why is oat milk reinventing itself?

Oatly just launched its Organic Barista Oat Drink, marking a rising trend in oat milk differentiation across brands. Facing a dip in sales and media backlash, brands are doubling down on innovation and transparency to recapture the market.

Cotti Coffee expanding into Australia heralds a new era of China influencing consumer preferences

Cotti Coffee opens a new outlet in Australia as part of its international expansion model, following other Chinese brands. If it takes off, this could herald a new era of Chinese influence for coffee drinkers.

Luckin’s chocolate-flavoured Moutai latte shows what Chinese consumers want

Luckin Coffee's new chocolate-alcohol latte is a window into the future of coffee, where a wide range of customisable flavours and a sense of "novelty" could become more important than the coffee itself.

What increased ICE differentials mean for the coffee industry

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has recently announced it will be adjusting the price differentials for coffee deliveries from Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. The amendments are effective from today, 26 January 2024, for March 2026 contracts and onwards. What does this mean for the coffee industry?

Five words that will define the coffee industry in 2024

The global coffee industry has shifted tremendously in the last 12 months. Looking ahead, we decided to set out five words that we think will define the coffee industry in 2024.

Why Tchibo is keeping the Matthew Algie brand

After acquiring Matthew Algie in 2016 and Capitol Foods in 2018, Tchibo is finally officially merging its UK & Ireland operations with the two existing local brands – but will be keeping the Matthew Algie brand.

De’Longhi & La Marzocco: What consolidation means for the espresso machine market

Last week, De’Longhi S.p.A. acquired a 41% stake in La Marzocco from its parent company, De’Longhi Industrial S.A. This is yet another acquisition which points to growing consolidation in the espresso machine market.

Chobani & La Colombe: Why going from yoghurt to coffee isn’t as crazy as it seems

Last week, Chobani acquired La Colombe. With such remarkable synergies between the two brands, is going from yoghurt to coffee that crazy?

Where is the interest in beanless coffee coming from?

Beanless coffee offers an alternative supply chain model for the industry. If developed at scale, it could have significant implications – but it's a little way off that for now.

Endless research into coffee’s health benefits shows a clear paradigm shift

Extensive research into coffee's health benefits shows wide-ranging positive impacts – a very different story than was being told 20 years ago.

Cold coffee innovation continues – with its sights on the at-home market

Cold coffee innovation hits the at-home market

Beckham can drive Nespresso sales where Clooney can’t

David Beckham can drive Nespresso sales where George Clooney can't - by appealing to entirely new consumer demographics and using digital channels

Does ecommerce make supermarkets less important for coffee roasters?

As US supermarket coffee sales fall to below pre-pandemic levels, ecommerce retains a strong grip on the market. Coffee roasters must consider how to approach this new retail landscape.

Will coffee machines save BT’s sliding share price?

Starting next year, telecommunications and broadband internet provider BT will begin selling coffee machines under its mobile and retail division, EE. This in a bid to boost growth and relevance.

PRF returns to Guatemala for more important, thought-provoking lectures

Following the success of September’s event, Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) will return next year on 7 & 8 March. The two-day forum will be held in Guatemala – where PRF took place in 2019.

Does specialty coffee have to compromise on its values to sell in supermarkets?

As more specialty coffee roasters enter supermarkets, a completely new marketplace, can they retain the values they were founded on?

Nespresso launching Blue Bottle capsules isn’t exciting – it’s predictable

The Nespresso X Blue Bottle capsules have been received with surprise; which makes little sense given that both are part of the Nestlé family. But what does it mean for the specialty coffee sector at large?

Are big coffee roasters intentionally vague about sustainability?

On 14 September, the 2023 edition of the Coffee Barometer was released, providing an overview of how effectively the industry is responding to key social, environmental, and economic challenges. As a part of this, it evaluates the corporate sustainability strategies of 11 coffee roasters.

More than 5,000 people attend PRF Colombia

On 14 & 15 September, PRF Colombia took place at the Plaza Mayor in Medellín, where the No Filter panel series made its debut.

Could the Hainan free trade port provide China unprecedented access to the global coffee sector?

Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China could gain access to the global coffee sector.