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Production & Trade

wine industry

Coffee and wine comparisons are flawed – the two industries are worlds apart

Coffee and wine have been increasingly compared since the 1990s. They couldn't be more different.

ride-hailing app uber

What the coffee industry can learn from the ride-hailing revolution

Ride-hailing apps emerged in the 2010s as an alternative to local taxi operators. But, like local traders, they have been vilified in comparison to alternatives.
coffee production esg

ESG is happening – it’s high time the coffee industry took note

The Environmental, Social, and Governance framework heralds a new era of accountability. Failing to acknowledge it will mean missing out in the future.
peru fairtrade

Peru has pinned its hopes on Fairtrade coffee – will it be rewarded?

Today, around 15-25% of the country’s 110,000 farmers are associated with Fairtrade-certified cooperatives. But some believe they could be better served.
el salvador coffee farmers

Innovation and hope can solve coffee farming’s labour shortages

A handful of innovative coffee producers are taking a renewed approach to stem the flow and put El Salvador back on the global coffee map.
yunnan china coffee

As Chinese coffee consumption rises, Yunnan reaps the rewards

As consumption in China grows 15% per year, the state has encouraged a focus on higher quality coffee production in the region.
Colombia's coffee cooperatives

Colombia’s coffee cooperatives face a ‘subprime’ crisis

Over the last few months Colombia’s cooperatives have lost some $120m due to defaults on futures contracts.
el salvador coffee producers

Dollarisation: Why coffee producers are paying the price

On January 1, 2001, the US dollar became legal tender in El Salvador. That same day, the price of goods doubled.
coffee farming in el salvador

Are remittances disincentivising coffee farming in El Salvador?

In 2020, an estimated 23% of Salvadoran families lived on less than $5 a day. The average annual amount sent back per migrant, on the other hand, is $4,300.
salvadoran coffee producers pacamara

Have Salvadoran coffee producers backed the wrong horse?

Fewer than 3% of El Salvador’s coffee farmers produce Pacamara, a home-grown hybrid variety.
coffee price premiums

Price premiums: Can specialty coffee roasters stay true to their promises?

High arabica prices & soaring energy costs are testing roasters' abilities to pay farmers the premiums they have promised.
Young coffee farmers face new challenges, from climate change to a disillusioned labour force.

How young Salvadoran coffee producers are overcoming fresh obstacles

In El Salvador, where coffee farms are generally smallholder and family-run, younger generations grow up knowing that one day they will take the reins from their parents.
consolidation of colombian coffee farms

Consolidation is an escape route for disillusioned coffee farmers

Consolidation has become a defining characteristic of the coffee industry – but is working for coffee farms?
cup of excellence

Private coffee auctions are killing off Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence (CoE) was launched in Brazil in 1999 as a platform for coffee producers – but private auctions have begun to eclipse its popularity.
china coffee

Can China quench its thirst for East African coffees?

A Chinese company recently paid more than $400/lb for an Ethiopian Sidama coffee. Where will it end?
coffee auctions

Coffee auctions: Why the gulf between origins is widening

The discrepancy is largely due to scarcity and marketing – although other factors are also at play.
young coffee farmers kenya

Out with the old: Why Kenya’s young coffee producers are rejecting cooperatives

Young farmers returning from jobs in the city are disillusioned with power structures. A few have taken matters into their own hands.
counterfeit coffee china

China is suffering from a counterfeit coffee crisis

The volume of coffee consumed in China has jumped more than 44% in the last five years – but not all of it is what it claims to be.
kenyan coffee farming

FinTech is making Kenyan coffee farms more efficient

As of September 2021, more than 53% of Kenyans owned a smartphone – and coffee farmers are harnessing them to become more efficient than ever.
colombian coffee pickers

Why Colombia’s coffee pickers aren’t Colombian

9 out of 10 coffee pickers in Colombia are Venezuelan, many of whom have crossed the border in recent years to escape domestic political and economic turmoil.