martin mayorga coffee

Martin Mayorga: ‘I saw the farmers’ hard work was just enough to keep them alive’

By the age of 10, the founder of Mayorga Coffee had been through more than most people would their entire lives.

bartholomew jones

Bartholomew Jones: “People in my community couldn’t connect with something that I loved”

Bartholomew Jones runs Cxffeeblack, a social enterprise that seeks to improve Black representation at all stages of the coffee supply chain.
diego campos barista

Diego Campos: “It’s important for Colombians to have a world barista champion”

The 2021 World Barista Champion discusses what his success means for the Colombian coffee sector.
ricardo pereira producer roaster forum

Ricardo Pereira: “Not enough coffee producers view their farms as businesses”

Ally Coffee's chief operating officer discusses how thinking of coffee farms as a business could improve the lives of producers.
cleia junqueira discusses coffee trends in the middle east

Cleia Junqueira: “In most of the Middle East they don’t drink alcohol – they drink coffee”

Cleia Junqueira will be discussing Coffee Trends and Consumption in the Middle East at this year's Producer & Roaster Forum
Freda Yuan believes that tasting coffee can help people become more mindful.

Freda Yuan: “I want to break preconceptions about coffee”

Freda Yuan is three-time UK Cup Tasters Champion & director of coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters She believes that tasting...
ryan garrick

Ryan Garrick: “Coffee competitions could be more engaging”

WatchHouse's head of coffee discusses the rise of blends and why barista championships need improving.
coffee community

Opinion: ‘Coffee isn’t a community – it’s an industry’

Is the idea of a “coffee community” holding the sector back?
martin mayorga exclusive interview

Martin Mayorga: “Human connection is the missing link in coffee”

Founder and owner of Mayorga Coffee, Martin Mayorga, discusses the endemic issues facing the modern-day coffee industry.
maxwell colonna-dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood: “Accessibility in specialty coffee is a fallacy”

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood will be speaking at this year’s Producer & Roaster Forum in Medellín, Colombia.