bartholomew jones

Bartholomew Jones: “People in my community couldn’t connect with something that I loved”

Bartholomew Jones runs Cxffeeblack, a social enterprise that seeks to improve Black representation at all stages of the coffee supply chain.

diego campos barista

Diego Campos: “It’s important for Colombians to have a world barista champion”

The 2021 World Barista Champion discusses what his success means for the Colombian coffee sector.
ricardo pereira producer roaster forum

Ricardo Pereira: “Not enough coffee producers view their farms as businesses”

Ally Coffee's chief operating officer discusses how thinking of coffee farms as a business could improve the lives of producers.
cleia junqueira discusses coffee trends in the middle east

Cleia Junqueira: “In most of the Middle East they don’t drink alcohol – they drink coffee”

Cleia Junqueira will be discussing Coffee Trends and Consumption in the Middle East at this year's Producer & Roaster Forum
Freda Yuan believes that tasting coffee can help people become more mindful.

Freda Yuan: “I want to break preconceptions about coffee”

Freda Yuan is three-time UK Cup Tasters Champion & director of coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters She believes that tasting...
ryan garrick

Ryan Garrick: “Coffee competitions could be more engaging”

WatchHouse's head of coffee discusses the rise of blends and why barista championships need improving.
coffee community

Opinion: ‘Coffee isn’t a community – it’s an industry’

Is the idea of a “coffee community” holding the sector back?
martin mayorga exclusive interview

Martin Mayorga: “Human connection is the missing link in coffee”

Founder and owner of Mayorga Coffee, Martin Mayorga, discusses the endemic issues facing the modern-day coffee industry.
maxwell colonna-dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood: “Accessibility in specialty coffee is a fallacy”

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood will be speaking at this year’s Producer & Roaster Forum in Medellín, Colombia.