bartholomew jones

Bartholomew Jones: “People in my community couldn’t connect with something that I loved”

Bartholomew Jones runs Cxffeeblack, a social enterprise that seeks to improve Black representation at all stages of the coffee supply chain.

tostao café y pan

Tostao Café y Pan: The rise and fall of Colombia’s coffee unicorn

Tostao Café y Pan grew at breakneck speed, even overtaking Juan Valdez's coffee shops. Then, in 2020, it all came crashing down.
b corp in coffee

Is the coffee industry expecting too much of B Corp?

B Corp was launched in 2006 as a tool for monitoring the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses. But can it solve the coffee industry's problems?
coffee leaf rust epidemic

Were Ponzi schemes to blame for Colombia’s coffee leaf rust epidemic?

Between 2008 and 2011, a coffee leaf rust outbreak ravaged production in Colombia – were pyramid schemes responsible?
black rifle coffee company veteran-owned coffee business

‘Vetrepreneurship’: The staggering rise of America’s veteran-owned coffee businesses

US veteran-owned businesses bring in an annual revenue of $1.14 trillion – and coffee has a big role to play.
what next for luckin coffee

What next for Luckin Coffee?

In 2019, Luckin Coffee Inc was valued at around $13bn, but a financial scandal almost led to bankruptcy. Can new leadership help steady the ship?
juan valdez colombia

Juan Valdez: Is it time for Colombia to ditch its national icon?

Colombians have grown up with Juan Valdez as their global coffee ambassador for more than 60 years – is it time to move on?