Reforms hope to change Kenyan coffee for the better

Kenyan coffee is under threat from profiteering actors in the supply chain. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's reforms hope to change that.

Do we still need Q graders?

The Q grader programme is dedicated to evaluating the sensory qualities of coffee. But when you can't decide what "quality" means, what happens to Q graders?

Is specialty coffee more of a lifestyle than a product?

Specialty coffee has become so popular that it is permeating other industries, and potentially becoming more of a lifestyle product.

Is hard coffee making a comeback?

After a tumultuous few years, hard coffee could be making a comeback.

The coffee industry is not addressing climate change – it’s just adapting to it

As the coffee industry reacts to the effects of climate change, it could be argued it is taking an adaptive approach, rather than a mitigative one.
Infused coffees could drive a change for food hygiene standards in the coffee industry

Infused coffees could drive a change for food hygiene standards

Infused coffees have garnered something of a reputation. Now they have reached a wider audience, they are drawing attention to a broader conversation about food safety at farm level.
coffee farmer picking cherries

Paying more for coffee is not a simple, universal solution

WHILE IT may seem simple and straightforward, paying more for coffee does not solve as many problems as the specialty coffee market might think it does. But with the global coffee industry now turning over $495bn in 2023, how is it that the average income for coffee farmers has not changed in the past 20 years?
b corp in coffee

Is the coffee industry expecting too much of B Corp?

B Corp was launched in 2006 as a tool for monitoring the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses. But can it solve the coffee industry's problems?
coffee leaf rust epidemic

Were Ponzi schemes to blame for Colombia’s coffee leaf rust epidemic?

Between 2008 and 2011, a coffee leaf rust outbreak ravaged production in Colombia – were pyramid schemes responsible?