b corp in coffee

Is the coffee industry expecting too much of B Corp?

B Corp was launched in 2006 as a tool for monitoring the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses. But can it solve the coffee industry's problems?

auditing coffee producers

Why the coffee industry’s “audit culture” is ruining direct relationships

When they arrive, the auditors not only ask probing questions, but feed the information back to the ones who have paid for the audit.
prf colombia 2022

Excitement builds for next year as PRF Colombia ends on a high

Attendees enjoyed a second day of workshops, cuppings, and keynote speeches at PRF Colombia 2022.
coffee leaf rust epidemic

Were Ponzi schemes to blame for Colombia’s coffee leaf rust epidemic?

Between 2008 and 2011, a coffee leaf rust outbreak ravaged production in Colombia – were pyramid schemes responsible?
black rifle coffee company veteran-owned coffee business

‘Vetrepreneurship’: The staggering rise of America’s veteran-owned coffee businesses

US veteran-owned businesses bring in an annual revenue of $1.14 trillion – and coffee has a big role to play.
ugandan coffee production

Why Uganda is on track to become the coffee king of East Africa

With the help of government and private company initiatives, Ugandan coffee is closing in on the likes of Ethiopia and Rwanda.
juan valdez colombia

Juan Valdez: Is it time for Colombia to ditch its national icon?

Colombians have grown up with Juan Valdez as their global coffee ambassador for more than 60 years – is it time to move on?
cacao production

Coffee farmers are turning to cacao  – but it’s no silver bullet

Cacao is often posited as the solution to global warming for coffee farmers in low-lying regions. But it's not without its challenges.