How much do espresso machines really change? 

Manufacturers seem to release a constant stream of new espresso machines. Can each product launch really improve from the last?

Cold coffee innovation continues – with its sights on the at-home market

Cold coffee innovation hits the at-home market

Saudi Arabia is throwing everything it can at the coffee industry

Saudi Arabia has been investing massive resources into its coffee industry, as part of an effort to diversify away from oil.

What happens to a specialty coffee brand when it gets acquired?

Over the last decade, the coffee has become increasingly consolidated. It's therefore an important question to ask – what happens to a specialty coffee brand when they get acquired?

Is specialty coffee more of a lifestyle than a product?

Specialty coffee has become so popular that it is permeating other industries, and potentially becoming more of a lifestyle product.
coffee farmer picking cherries

Paying more for coffee is not a simple, universal solution

WHILE IT may seem simple and straightforward, paying more for coffee does not solve as many problems as the specialty coffee market might think it does. But with the global coffee industry now turning over $495bn in 2023, how is it that the average income for coffee farmers has not changed in the past 20 years?
b corp in coffee

Is the coffee industry expecting too much of B Corp?

B Corp was launched in 2006 as a tool for monitoring the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses. But can it solve the coffee industry's problems?