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colombia coffee cooperative

Strength in numbers: Understanding Colombia’s coffee cooperatives

Colombia's coffee cooperatives play a crucial role in linking together the economic, social, and cultural needs of farmers.

colombian female coffee farmers

Why more female coffee farmers should be in decision-making roles

Coffee production in Colombia continues to rely heavily on the contribution of women – so why are so few in decision-making roles?
coffee production colombia

How coffee is aiding Colombia’s peacebuilding efforts

After more than 50 years of conflict, coffee has become a key tool for peacebuilding in Colombia.
cacao production

Coffee farmers are turning to cacao  – but it’s no silver bullet

Cacao is often posited as the solution to global warming for coffee farmers in low-lying regions. But it's not without its challenges.
circular economy coffee

Why the future of coffee production relies on a circular economy

After decades of a "take-make-waste" approach, achieving a circular economy has become a top priority in the coffee sector.
communication barriers

How breaking down language barriers can help Colombian coffee farmers

Learning a second language, such as English, could help Colombia's coffee farmers – but there are barriers.