Production & Trade


Production & Trade

coffee prices affect local economy of antioquia in colombia

From literacy rates to criminal activity: How coffee prices affect local economies

High coffee prices fuel a thriving local economy – but market volatility can have disastrous consequences.

female shea butter producers

Women’s gold: What the coffee industry can learn from shea butter production

Gender inequality is rife on coffee farms. But it can learn from the shea butter industry.
fetishisation of coffee farmers

The fetishisation of coffee farmers

Exploring why specialty coffee's marketing efforts need to move beyond the narrative of impoverished farmers.
organic coffee farming

Organic coffee farming: Have intermediaries skewed perceptions?

For many, sourcing coffee from organic farms is non-negotiable – but why are there still detractors?
female-led coffee farms

Female-led coffee farms offer hope in male dominated sector

Women contribute around 70% of the global coffee production workforce – but less than a third of farms are female-led.
coffee leaf rust epidemic

Were Ponzi schemes to blame for Colombia’s coffee leaf rust epidemic?

Between 2008 and 2011, a coffee leaf rust outbreak ravaged production in Colombia – were pyramid schemes responsible?
coffee producer colombia

How farmer-focused negotiations can fix coffee’s living income crisis

In Colombia, the percentage of coffee producers who receive a sustainable income is low – by some estimates less than 40%.
direct trade coffee

Without direct trade, the coffee industry could collapse

Direct trade is one of the most effective ways of creating a more equitable system in the coffee supply chain.
colombia toma cafe

Does selling coffee domestically leave farmers worse off?

Initiatives such as Toma Café have helped boost Colombians' interest in specialty coffee – but does it make economical sense for farmers?
koji processing

Can koji processing improve the lives of Colombia’s coffee farmers?

Forest Coffee in Colombia is experimenting with a new processing technique that uses no water and can increase cup scores.
ugandan coffee production

Why Uganda is on track to become the coffee king of East Africa

With the help of government and private company initiatives, Ugandan coffee is closing in on the likes of Ethiopia and Rwanda.
carbon neutral coffee 2030

Have coffee businesses lost the race to become carbon neutral by 2030?

With less than a decade to go until 2030, many fear coffee businesses have not done enough to sufficiently cut carbon emissions.
coffee production

Risking it all: The true cost of experimental coffee processing

Today, experimental processing is used not only for exotic varieties, but also traditional ones, where it is used to diversify characteristics and add value. But is it accessible to all farmers?
jamaica blue mountain coffee

How Silicon Valley is helping tackle fake Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

A Jamaican coffee estate has partnered with a Silicon Valley tech firm to solve the fake Blue Mountain coffee crisis.
carbon credit schemes

Should coffee farmers trust carbon credit schemes?

Cafédirect spearheaded the movement in the mid 2000s – but are carbon credit schemes still effective?
ugandan coffee exports

Are Ugandan coffee exports to China a form of diplomacy?

As Uganda pledges to increase coffee trade with China, some are labelling it as a new form of diplomacy.
hybrid coffee varieties

Could hybrid varieties solve coffee’s climate crisis?

As climate change reduces the land available to grow high-quality arabica coffee, hybrid varieties have emerged as a potential long-term solution.
coffee leaf rust la roya

Coffee leaf rust: Lack of knowledge most dangerous threat – not climate change

A team of scientists from the University of Exeter have challenged links between climate change and coffee leaf rust outbreaks in Latin America.
Hands holding wet parchment coffee cherries

Selling wet parchment when coffee prices are high is a double-edged sword

Selling more wet parchment when coffee prices are high is a common practice among farmers – but results can be mixed.
finca santa maria

How women-run coffee farms are challenging gender misconceptions

Over the years, Finca Santa Maria has had a transformative effect, helping to challenge gender misconceptions both locally and across the coffee industry as a whole