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shanghai port is one of the most important for china's green coffee imports.

Stranded imports deliver heavy blow to China’s coffee industry

China's 'zero-Covid' strategy is affecting the country’s green coffee imports as Shanghai enters its fourth week of lockdown.

Colombian coffee prices

High coffee prices inflict unexpected consequences on Colombian coffee farms

When the price of coffee is high, many see it as cause to celebrate. But for coffee farmers in Colombia, it can lead to a number of unwanted consequences.
russia coffee imports

Price hikes and sourcing issues bring Russia’s specialty coffee sector to the edge

Russia’s specialty coffee sector is at risk of collapse due to a devalued currency and problems importing green coffee.
chinese coffee yunnan province

Chinese roasters switch to homegrown coffee amid latest lockdown

The recent wave of Covid-19 lockdowns has prompted many of China’s roasters to source coffee grown domestically, according to local sources.
breville lelit coffee

Is Breville building a ‘one-stop shop’ for specialty coffee consumers?

Breville Group has stepped up its advance on the specialty coffee sector with the $169 million purchase of Lelit Group.
female coffee producer

Equal Origins launches tool to empower female coffee producers

The nonprofit Equal Origins has launched a new diagnostic tool to promote gender equity in coffee and cocoa.
coffee fertiliser

Price of coffee-growing fertilisers set to rise due to conflict in Ukraine

The cost of agricultural fertilisers used for growing coffee are expected to rise following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week.
producer & roaster forum

Tickets go on sale for Producer & Roaster Forum 2022

Tickets for the world's largest producer-focused coffee event are now on sale.