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starbucks barista union

Memphis Seven: Starbucks workers win ‘crucial step’ in unionisation drive

The Starbucks workers union movement won a “crucial step” in its battle with the US coffee chain, after a US federal judge last week ordered it reinstate seven employees to their former positions at a store in Memphis, Tennessee.

gustavo petro

Does Gustavo Petro offer fresh hope for Colombia’s coffee producers?

Promise of agricultural investments have brought hope to some, while others say it is too soon to tell.
manual coffee harvesting

Coffee producers’ luck worsens as pickers demand higher wages

Labour makes up between 40% and 60% of total expenses on a typical coffee farm.
coffee roaster

Coffee roasters’ profit margins squeezed as pressures mount

Roasters around the world have reported smaller profit margins over the last few weeks as rising warehouse and transport costs add to a host of issues.
prf colombia 2022

PRF Colombia 2022: Expert coffee industry analysis available on YouTube

Dozens of keynote speeches and panel discussions from some of the coffee industry’s leading figures are now available on YouTube.
brazil robusta production

Robusta coffee production: Brazil closes gap on Vietnam as global demand rises

Brazil is ramping up robusta production to meet rising demand for low-cost coffee alternatives, posing a direct challenge to Vietnam’s reign as the world’s top producer.
vietnam coffee exports

Value of Vietnam coffee exports soars as new opportunities emerge

Vietnam's export revenue for coffee to the United States jumped by nearly 25% in the first five months of the year compared to the same period in 2021.
prf colombia 2022

Excitement builds for next year as PRF Colombia ends on a high

Attendees enjoyed a second day of workshops, cuppings, and keynote speeches at PRF Colombia 2022.
producer & roaster forum colombia

Thousands of coffee professionals descend on Medellín’s Plaza Mayor for PRF Colombia 2022

Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) celebrated the first day of its instalment in Medellín, Colombia today with a blockbuster lineup of speakers, workshops, and exhibitors.
fine cacao production el salvador

Specialty coffee importers tap into growing potential of fine cacao

Importers specialising in the trade of specialty coffee are increasingly sourcing high-quality cacao amid growing global demand for premium chocolate.
starbucks china

Starbucks reignites battle with Chinese coffee chains as lockdown ends

Starbucks China CEO says it plans to have 6,000 stores by the end of the year
PRF Colombia

PRF Colombia to bring opportunities to coffee producers

The annual two-day event will take place in Medellín, Colombia between June 30 and July 1.
tim hortons pakistan

Tim Hortons targets burgeoning Pakistan coffee industry

Popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons will open its first store in Lahore after announcing plans to expand into Pakistan.
stock market coffee

What the stock market downturn means for the coffee industry

The world's two largest stock indexes have suffered year-to-date declines, raising questions over how it will impact the coffee industry.
italian espresso

Has Italy’s €1 espresso bubble finally burst?

A Florence coffee shop was fined €1,000 ($1,056) this week after a customer complained about the price of its drinks.
green coffee bags

How can illicit goods end up in coffee containers?

More than 500kg of cocaine were seized last Thursday in a Nespresso factory in the western Swiss canton of Fribourg.
shanghai port is one of the most important for china's green coffee imports.

Stranded imports deliver heavy blow to China’s coffee industry

China's 'zero-Covid' strategy is affecting the country’s green coffee imports as Shanghai enters its fourth week of lockdown.
Colombian coffee prices

High coffee prices inflict unexpected consequences on Colombian coffee farms

When the price of coffee is high, many see it as cause to celebrate. But for coffee farmers in Colombia, it can lead to a number of unwanted consequences.
russia coffee imports

Price hikes and sourcing issues bring Russia’s specialty coffee sector to the edge

Russia’s specialty coffee sector is at risk of collapse due to a devalued currency and problems importing green coffee.
chinese coffee yunnan province

Chinese roasters switch to homegrown coffee amid latest lockdown

The recent wave of Covid-19 lockdowns has prompted many of China’s roasters to source coffee grown domestically, according to local sources.