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Smaller coffee chains winning as big players prioritise convenience

Costa Coffee, Blue Bottle, and Starbucks have all launched RTD and instant coffee products in recent months.

Speaker applications for the coffee industry’s largest producer-focused event, Producer Roaster Forum (PRF El Salvador), are now open.

Speaker applications open for PRF El Salvador

Speaker applications for the coffee industry’s largest producer-focused event, Producer Roaster Forum (PRF), are now open.
EU Green Deal

The EU Green Deal is good for coffee – but who will pay?

As profit margins are squeezed, roasters and traders are struggling to incorporate new EU rules on sustainability.
blue bottle coffee

Specialty coffee has gone full circle

Blue Bottle Coffee was a pioneer of third-wave coffee in the US. Now, it has turned to the instant coffee market to scale the brand.
vietnam coffee

Vietnam has finally cracked the US coffee market

During the first eight months of 2022, Vietnam was the third-largest supplier of coffee to the US, according to the Vietnamese General Department of Customs.
starbucks pumpkin spice latte

Specialty coffee hates the pumpkin spice latte – but its anger is misguided

Starbucks has sold more than 420m pumpkin spice lattes since 2003 – and numbers are only growing.
jair bolsonaro lula

Bolsonaro vs Lula: What Brazil’s next president could mean for coffee production

The Brazilian electorate will head to the polls to cast a second round of presidential votes on October 30.
UK roasters

Strong dollar can benefit coffee farmers – but UK roasters face collapse

The pound fell to a record low against the dollar at $1.033 on Monday, worsening skyrocketing costs for UK coffee roasters.
health benefits of coffee

Why are there so many studies into the health benefits of coffee?

Interest in the term “is coffee healthy” has quadrupled since 2005, according to Google Trends.
colombia coffee production

“Colombia’s largest coffee producer” set to scale operations despite uncertain future

Consolidated coffee farming group Green Coffee Company (GCC) says it aims to become the “world’s largest arabica producer” after launching its $100 million Series C funding round.
el salvador coffee producers

Why El Salvador’s record coffee prices are angering producers

The average price of coffee exports from El Salvador reached $229.06 per quintal (100kg) for the 2021-22 cycle representing a 32-year high, according to the Salvadoran Coffee Council.
colombia fnc

Colombian coffee growers issue angry response to proposed tax reform

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has responded to proposed government tax reform.
starbucks barista union

Memphis Seven: Starbucks workers win ‘crucial step’ in unionisation drive

The Starbucks workers union movement won a “crucial step” in its battle with the US coffee chain, after a US federal judge last week ordered it reinstate seven employees to their former positions at a store in Memphis, Tennessee.
gustavo petro

Does Gustavo Petro offer fresh hope for Colombia’s coffee producers?

Promise of agricultural investments have brought hope to some, while others say it is too soon to tell.
manual coffee harvesting

Coffee producers’ luck worsens as pickers demand higher wages

Labour makes up between 40% and 60% of total expenses on a typical coffee farm.
coffee roaster

Coffee roasters’ profit margins squeezed as pressures mount

Roasters around the world have reported smaller profit margins over the last few weeks as rising warehouse and transport costs add to a host of issues.
prf colombia 2022

PRF Colombia 2022: Expert coffee industry analysis available on YouTube

Dozens of keynote speeches and panel discussions from some of the coffee industry’s leading figures are now available on YouTube.
brazil robusta production

Robusta coffee production: Brazil closes gap on Vietnam as global demand rises

Brazil is ramping up robusta production to meet rising demand for low-cost coffee alternatives, posing a direct challenge to Vietnam’s reign as the world’s top producer.
vietnam coffee exports

Value of Vietnam coffee exports soars as new opportunities emerge

Vietnam's export revenue for coffee to the United States jumped by nearly 25% in the first five months of the year compared to the same period in 2021.
prf colombia 2022

Excitement builds for next year as PRF Colombia ends on a high

Attendees enjoyed a second day of workshops, cuppings, and keynote speeches at PRF Colombia 2022.