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UK coffee shop market

A third of Gen Z will ‘never drink instant coffee again’

A new survey has found significant behavioural changes among young coffee consumers in the UK.

prf 2023

PRF El Salvador 2023 attracts global attendees to producer-focused event

Producer & Roaster Forum returned to San Salvador for its sixth instalment.
luckin coffee former ceo Charles Lu opened the first Cotti Coffee last year

Is Luckin Coffee’s ousted CEO plotting revenge?

Cotti Coffee launched its first store in October 2022 and plans to open 10,000 more by 2025.
pret a manger

The real reason Pret A Manger fell out of love with smoothies

Pret A Manger will remove smoothies, frappes, and milkshakes from its menus and expand its iced drinks range.

Coffee with olive oil? It’s Starbucks’ latest business masterstroke

By launching its Oleato range in Italy on Wednesday, Starbucks is tapping into big market trends and adapting them for a local audience.
super bowl avocado production

Is a Super Bowl snack really destroying Colombian coffee production?

Avocado exports to the US increase in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, including 1,400 tons from Colombia.
ready to drink coffee

Is the future of coffee really cold and bottled?

US private labeller Westrock Coffee claims it will triple profits by 2026 thanks to a focus on cold, ready to drink coffee.
Miguel Candel, one of the coffee industry speakers at PRF El Salvador.

Introducing PRF El Salvador’s speakers and panellists

PRF El Salvador will take place March 16 & 17, 2023
blue tokai coffee roasters india's specialty coffee sector

What do investors see in India’s specialty coffee companies?

Gurugram-based Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters raised $30m in its latest funding round.
coffee prices

Why coffee prices will continue falling in 2023

Goldman Sachs, Rabobank, and Fitch have all laid out their predictions for the year ahead.
china coffee shop starbucks

How China’s ‘great reopening’ has affected the coffee sector

Coffee shops are expected to bounce back after nearly three years of restrictions – but there may be short-term complications.
pret a manger

Is Pret A Manger failing in the UK?

The sandwich and coffee shop chain's breakneck global expansion plans have cast some doubt over its long-term future in the UK.
smallholder coffee farmers

Has the EU forgotten about smallholder coffee farmers?

The EU’s Green Deal was initiated in 2019 as part of its goal to become ‘climate neutral’ by 2050.
India's coffee industry Starbucks

The forecasts are wrong, India’s coffee industry is not growing

Coffee consumption in India has fallen 3.2% since 2019.
Authorities in El Salvador are staying alert as the volcano shows activity.

Volcán Chaparrastique: Could an eruption destroy El Salvador’s coffee farms?

Authorities in El Salvador are staying alert as the volcano shows activity.
brazil's coffee producers

The stock market is failing Brazil’s coffee producers

The C price recently fell from highs of more than $2/lb to less than $1.6/lb – but experts believe forecasts for Brazil’s coffee production are optimistic.
coffee #1

Smaller coffee chains winning as big players prioritise convenience

Costa Coffee, Blue Bottle, and Starbucks have all launched RTD and instant coffee products in recent months.
Speaker applications for the coffee industry’s largest producer-focused event, Producer Roaster Forum (PRF El Salvador), are now open.

Speaker applications open for PRF El Salvador

Speaker applications for the coffee industry’s largest producer-focused event, Producer Roaster Forum (PRF), are now open.
EU Green Deal

The EU Green Deal is good for coffee – but who will pay?

As profit margins are squeezed, roasters and traders are struggling to incorporate new EU rules on sustainability.
blue bottle coffee

Specialty coffee has gone full circle

Blue Bottle Coffee was a pioneer of third-wave coffee in the US. Now, it has turned to the instant coffee market to scale the brand.