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juan valdez colombia

Juan Valdez: Is it time for Colombia to ditch its national icon?

Colombians have grown up with Juan Valdez as their global coffee ambassador for more than 60 years – is it time to move on?

iran coffee cafe

Sanctions have hurt Iran’s coffee sector – but a new landscape has emerged

Despite enduring some of the world's toughest sanctions, Iran's coffee scene has continued to develop.
starbucks tata

Can international coffee chains keep up with India’s evolving domestic scene?

As Starbucks celebrates its tenth year in India, domestic coffee brands have stepped up their expansion plans – but can the two coexist?
world barista championships 2021 martin shabaya

Exploring the growth of barista competitions in Africa

Barista competitions in Africa have grown in popularity in recent years – but the best baristas don't always stay.
india coffee consumption

Will India’s growing coffee culture be a domestic story?

As India's coffee consuming market grows, it is increasingly obvious that it will be a domestic story.

Is there a place for tinto in Colombia’s burgeoning specialty coffee market?

Colombia's most iconic coffee-based drink could be under threat from the country's emerging specialty coffee scene.
circular economy

Why the future of coffee production relies on a circular economy

Decades of a “take-make-waste” approach has led to a climate crisis – a circular economy could be the only way out.