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specialty industry

Other sectors borrow from specialty coffee – but have they been as successful?

A number of other industries, including chocolate, have borrowed concepts from specialty coffee with varying degrees of success.

bubble tea

Is bubble tea hampering the growth of China’s coffee industry?

Some fear bubble tea is hampering coffee's growth, while others suggest they are complementary markets.
jordan's coffee culture

From shisha to specialty: How Jordan’s coffee culture went premium

The streets of Amman, Jordan’s capital city, brim with coffee shops open all night long, where shining Arabic coffee pots – known as dalahs – serve visitors by the dozen.
taipei city taiwan

Why the SCA is holding its coffee championships in Taipei

The 2023 World Latte Art, World Coffee In Good Spirits, and World Coffee Roasting Championships will be held in Taipei City.
india vs china coffee consumption

Coffee consumption: Will India catch up with China?

On paper, China and India share a number of similarities – so why is Chinese coffee consumption so far ahead?
b corp in coffee

Is the coffee industry expecting too much of B Corp?

B Corp was launched in 2006 as a tool for monitoring the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses. But can it solve the coffee industry's problems?
pergamino Colombia specialty coffee culture

Pasilla, price crises, and the growth of Colombia’s specialty coffee shops

Colombia’s Pasilla y Ripio law limited the domestic consumption of high-quality coffee until 2003. Since then, a specialty coffee shop culture has emerged.
single origin coffees

How single origin coffees lost their edge

Single origin coffees once dominated the specialty coffee market. Now, more and more businesses are tapping into the potential of blends.
coffee sustainability reports

Who reads coffee sustainability reports?

Some call them greenwashing; others as vessels of transparency & accountability – but who are sustainability reports really for?
chinese coffee consumers

Made in China: Why young Chinese consumers have turned their backs on Western coffee brands

As China looks to reinvent its image at home, young consumers are increasingly drawn to local coffee brands.
coffee for runners

Running on empty? The science behind coffee for athletes

Evidence suggests a link between athletic performance & caffeine consumption – but margin gains are small.
black rifle coffee company veteran-owned coffee business

‘Vetrepreneurship’: The staggering rise of America’s veteran-owned coffee businesses

US veteran-owned businesses bring in an annual revenue of $1.14 trillion – and coffee has a big role to play.
what next for luckin coffee

What next for Luckin Coffee?

In 2019, Luckin Coffee Inc was valued at around $13bn, but a financial scandal almost led to bankruptcy. Can new leadership help steady the ship?
coffee homelessness

Can coffee beat homelessness?

More than 150 million people worldwide people are defined as homeless. Can coffee help?
clothing store coffee bar

How coffee saved brick-and-mortar clothing stores

As online shopping continues its meteoric rise, clothing brands have turned to coffee to enhance the in-store customer experience.
home coffee roasters

Why Malaysia and Singapore have become unlikely hubs for home coffee roasters

As interest in specialty coffee grows in Malaysia and Singapore, home coffee roasting has exploded in popularity.
coca cola coffee

Is Coca-Cola using coffee to prop up its soda empire?

As sales of carbonated soda drinks fall in the West, Coca-Cola has turned its attention once again on the coffee industry.
juan valdez colombia

Juan Valdez: Is it time for Colombia to ditch its national icon?

Colombians have grown up with Juan Valdez as their global coffee ambassador for more than 60 years – is it time to move on?
iran coffee cafe

Sanctions have hurt Iran’s coffee sector – but a new landscape has emerged

Despite enduring some of the world's toughest sanctions, Iran's coffee scene has continued to develop.
starbucks tata

Can international coffee chains keep up with India’s evolving domestic scene?

As Starbucks celebrates its tenth year in India, domestic coffee brands have stepped up their expansion plans – but can the two coexist?