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Plant milks take centre stage in the coffee sector – but what happened to dairy?

For the past decade, plant milks have dominated the conversation in coffee shops around the world. But what about dairy?

Coffee consumers want choice – brand loyalty is dying

Coffee companies invest heavily in building their brands because establishing a loyal customer base is crucial for driving growth. However, brand loyalty may be dying in the coffee industry

Who are the top earners in the coffee sector?

It's estimated that around the world, we drink more than 400 billion cups of coffee every single year. And with consumption growing year on year, that means there's plenty of money to be made in the coffee sector. But who tops the list?

Scaling beyond specialty coffee: Is the market smaller than the industry thinks?

Despite the fact that the definition is more complex, "specialty coffee" as a concept is still largely used to refer to small, single-store owner-operated businesses rather than larger organisations.

VC-funded coffee shops are creating a dangerous myth: Infinite growth

The success of companies like Blue Bottle has encouraged further investment in the coffee industry. However, there are cases that indicate venture capital may leave some coffee shops in a vulnerable position.

The fight for specialty coffee is more than “big vs small”

As the global coffee market continues to grow, the binary identities of “big” and “small” may begin to lose their relevance, and the persisting argument that specialty coffee is challenged by larger companies may be distracting us from broader and more pressing threats.

Why are brands investing so heavily in the prosumer espresso machine market?

Blurring the traditional lines between “professional” and “consumer”, prosumers are individuals who seek to replicate a professional coffee experience at home. However, the grey area prosumers have historically occupied is becoming more defined – and it is an increasingly relevant space for espresso machine manufacturers.

Are barista championships actually relevant for coffee consumers?

Over the last two decades, coffee competitions have become increasingly popular. However, instead of uniting coffee consumers, the rising emphasis on experimental coffees could be alienating the average coffee drinker instead of engaging them in how coffee culture is evolving.

Premiumisation: Why East Asian roasters buy so many auction-winning coffees

Auction-winning coffee lots sell for higher prices every single year. Competition at the top has become outrageously fierce; not least among buyers in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and other East Asian countries.
coffee taster sampling high-end specialty coffees

Are we overestimating the size of the market for high-end specialty coffees?

As the sector becomes more commercialised, it could be argued that the market for high-end specialty coffees is smaller than many people actually think.
CBD is losing its edge, just like specialty coffee

CBD is losing what made it unique – just like specialty coffee

CBD’s turbulent history has given way to an extraordinary rise in popularity as it continues to captivate a global audience. As with specialty coffee, will its growth come at a cost?

Cold brew was just the beginning – the cold coffee sector has ambitions 

Until recently, cold brew was the industry’s singular solution to cold coffee. Now, the segment is widely recognised as one of the largest growth areas in the global coffee market.
the coffee industry is becoming more consolidated

Consolidation in the coffee industry is only just getting started

It's no secret that specialty coffee companies have been driving innovation in the wider coffee industry – and that this is something larger coffee brands are looking to capitalise on.
Pacific Coffee has seen a closure of hundreds of its stores

Why is Pacific Coffee disappearing in China?

In the early 2010s, Pacific Coffee was one of the most prominent names in the Chinese coffee market. Now, they face closures of hundreds of their stores.
flavoured coffees are massive for the younger generations

How flavoured coffees help brands reach the next generation of consumers

DEMAND FOR flavoured coffees shows that the next generation of coffee consumers are after something different in their cup. While the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks is now infamous, flavours such as strawberry cheesecake, s’mores, twinkies, and cinnamon toast are all increasingly being added to drinks in large coffee chains around the world.
coffee capsules are an example of market cannibalisation

The specialty coffee industry is eating itself

THERE IS evidence that an obsession with developing new products is eroding market share from the products that inaugurated the specialty coffee industry – and may be eroding the essence of what makes it “specialty”. You can see this with the coffee capsule taking market share from other products
the specialty coffee roasters market is competitive

Why the care-free days are over for specialty coffee roasters

Increased global coffee consumption has led to growth in the roasting industry, aided by a growing interest in specialty and a demand for specialty coffee roasters.
tencent china's coffee sector

Why tech giants control China’s coffee sector

The relationship is mutually beneficial, but some worry it could lead to a price war.
specialty coffee stumptown roasters

Just like craft beer, specialty coffee is losing its edge

A handful of multinationals have spent millions acquiring specialty coffee names. Will the sector benefit?
chinese coffee deliveries

How Chinese coffee deliveries changed America

Many Chinese coffee shops have offered home deliveries since 2017. But during Covid-19, US coffee delivery orders exploded by more than 300%.